Monday, October 27, 2008

Ameba secures Janet's Planet and Booples programming for new kid's entertainment portal

Ameba, the Winnipeg-based IPTV system for kids' entertainment, is adding Janet's Planet and Booples to its lineup of children's programming on

Host and Emmy Award winning creator Janet Ivey takes kids on a wild ride to Janet's Planet. Hop in your rocket for a fun filled, music enhanced voyage through the cosmos where you find out that you are the stuff of stars and other astounding facts about our incredible universe. The 25-minute special and 34 interstitials include fantastic galactic facts about our solar system, an interview with demoted Pluto, space jokes, space pioneer quotes and super cool music videos. Encouraging scientific investigation by young earthlings and inspiring the imaginations of future space explorers, Janet's Planet earned the 2008 Gracie Allen Award for Children's/Adolescent Programs.

Featuring fun stories, silly characters and catchy songs, Booples is an animated Christian series of 21 shorts that strive to influence children positively using God's Word. Booples tries to give parents a godly ally in entertaining children with a good, safe message and something that will help hide God's Word in their hearts.

"We are pleased to expand our slate of children's programming with both educational and Christian fare that will serve to extend AmebaTV's appeal to a wide ranging audience of children and parents around the globe," said Ameba President Tony Havelka.

Ameba is coming to MIPCOM for the first time to introduce to distributors and content holders who are seeking new delivery and revenue models for their properties. allows parents to take control of their children's viewing habits while empowering them with the power of choice. Parents select titles from the website and download content to the Ameba set top box. Their children select titles they want to watch from this filtered list on their TV - all with one simple click.

Media contact:

Sabrina Propper RPIPR;; cell:818.515.5798

About Booples:

Booples animation videos with children's Bible songs are an excellent way to teach your children Bible verses and introduce them to scripture memory. It help kids understand the meaning behind the Bible verse while learning a fun sing along song! Sharing God's word to your child's heart is a great way to start them off in life.

About Janet's Planet:
Janet Ivey has won multiple Emmy awards in the Children's Educational Programming category for her program, "Janet's Planet" and is the author of two children's books, "Tell Me About Heaven", "I Think I'm Forgetting" (Ideal's Children's Books), and "Something's Different In Samesville".

Her latest Emmy was awarded in 2006 by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The dynamic and fast-paced series of one-to-two minute spots are created for kids ages seven to ten. They focus on scientific and historical facts and events. Viewers get to travel at the "speed of thought" and the spots air throughout the day between children's acclaimed shows like Zoom and Arthur. Janet's Planet topics have included the Parthenon, the Titanic, the Pillsbury's Kid's Bake Off and Tennessee History Makers. The 13 episodic spots have been airing on Nashville Public Television.

Currently, Janet's Planet can be seen nationally and internationally on Blue Highways Network.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ameba Signs With Barcelona's SOL 90 For Spanish-language Content on

Ameba, the Winnipeg-based IPTV system for kids entertainment, has signed with Barcelona-based Sol 90 to distribute Great Civilizations, a Spanish-language animated series on

"This is an ideal destination for foreign-language content, and for producers and content holders to gain entrance into the North American market," said Ameba President Tony Havelka. "The market is eager for foreign-language entertainment and we are excited to have Sol 90's contribution to this important programming category in our developing library. This underscores our mission to offer a wide range of programming in a variety of languages."

A portal designed to deliver children's entertainment directly to television viewers via the Internet, will offer the 260-minute animated Great Civilizations in a variety of program lengths from interstitials to full episodes, all available for quick download and instant viewing. Targeting 8-12 year olds Great Civilizations was created to inspire children to learn more about the great civilizations of man.

" is a revolutionary way for us to introduce our property to Spanish-speaking North American audiences," said Ernesto Soto. "This is a new avenue for producers and content holders, who, like me, want to reach out to a diverse group of young viewers to share distinctive programs in their original form -- with no additional work!"

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Monday, September 15, 2008

First Time Attendee Ameba Heads To MIPCOM To Introduce Pioneering Kid's Entertainment Portal

Ameba, the Winnipeg based IPTV system for kids entertainment will be attending MIPCOM and MIPCOM JR for the first time to introduce international attendees to Ameba. Ameba consists of: an entertainment portal -, an efficient and low cost internet delivery system, and an HD Set Top Box which all work seamlessly to deliver children's entertainment directly from the content rights holder to the viewer's television.

Ameba offers a diversity of delivery and revenue models to meet particular rights holder's distribution interests. Ameba grants rights holders complete control of delivery, cost and terms of rental, regional availability, and Digital Rights Management-this newest distribution system enforces your rules, collects fees, creates reports, and generates revenue.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Media: World Screen News

Ameba to Introduce Kids’ Entertainment Portal at MIPCOM

WINNIPEG, September 8: Making its first trip to MIPCOM and MIPCOM Jr., children’s IPTV service Ameba is unveiling its entertainment portal that allows parents to select titles and download content directly to a set-top box. houses a number of children’s titles, which can be downloaded to the Ameba set-top box, allowing parents to choose the content that is available for children to watch. The company will head to MIPCOM looking for new content to add to the service, both from international and North American-based properties in any language.

"Ameba is a complete distribution platform for children's programming for content rights holders," said Tony Havelka, the president of Ameba. "We let rights holders control every aspect of the direct delivery of their properties to the viewers TV by making it simple to administer and very low cost."

—By Kristin Brzoznowski


Media: Cynopsis Kids 09/8/08

Winnipeg based Ameba, a kid-targeted IPTV system, will attend Mipcom/Mipcom Jr for the first time next month where it will introduce its delivery system, AmebaTV .com, and HD set top box. Designed to give parents control over what their kids are watching, here's how works. Adults select titles from the website and download the content to it's set top box, then kids can choose what they want to watch from that list. Ameba is looking for additional content for, including both International and North American properties in any language. is not currently available for distribution.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hinterland Who's Who Provides Popular PSA Material

Ameba is please to announce that the renowned Hinterland Who's Who series is now available to subscribers.

First created in the early 1960s, Hinterland Who’s Who made bold use of a relatively new medium — black and white television — to reach the Canadian general public. The vignettes, produced by the Canadian Wildlife Service, brought native wildlife into living rooms using excellent film footage and simple narration. They became, and remain, an enduring part of Canadian culture.

The Hinterland Who's Who series is being made available to all Ameba subscribers free of charge and can be enjoyed in both English and French languages.

For more information about the Hinterland Who's Who please click here.